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Matt Cutts Google Analytics ID Connected To

Posted by admin on September 23rd, 2008 filed in Adsspy
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I am really having fun using It’s not only great as a competitive tool, but also full of surprises.

First I figured out that a few web analysts own spammy sites content-rich websites, but that’s not really something to write about (call it web analyst integrity). It’s rather fun to bust some “Search” related folks, but I am too boring to call any wannabee SEO’s and SEM’s out (the good one’s understood already).

So there are only Google, Yahoo and MS employees left:
Not sure how, but I somehow I ended up “analyzing” Matt Cutts blog and his Google Analytics ID (US-52812) is surprisingly also the ID of:

At this point I cannot explain it and it might be a flaw in Adsspy, but let the conspiracy begin :)
Is Matt Cutts a part of the domainer world, checking what domainers are up to?
Why is his GA id on some Russian Ringtone domain (
What’s the connection to, an anonymization site (which seems to sell a few bottom links)?

Maybe one of the famous SEOs , Domainer or Affiliate Marketer have an idea?
I bet it’s something quite stupid e.g. some webmasters trying to pretend to be white head by using a Google engineers analytics id :)

Edit: Ok…..Matt Cutts replied in the comments. I assumed it was just coincidence and he has nothing to do with it. Probably a flaw in the Adsspy system.

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