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Web Interaction Analytics Company Clicktale gets funded

Posted by admin on December 5th, 2007 filed in Clicktale
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Europe’s venture capital firm YL Ventures teams up with Clicktale, a Web Interaction Analytics (WIA) company. ClickTale enables websites to record and watch movies of their users’ browsing sessions. The sum of the investment is not disclosed.

Clicktale, like Robotreplay, probably hopes to get acquired by Omniture or Google (one of these days).  It might make sense, b/c the tool is more targeted to the mass than to  high-end clients.

Kind of offtopic, but the term “WebInteraction Analytics” sounds kind of funny to me. Somebody must have twisted his/her head to come up with this.  Maybe time for me to register “” :-)

Entire press release can be found here

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