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Coremetrics LIVEmail 2.0

Posted by admin on July 16th, 2007 filed in Coremetrics
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Coremetrics released today the 2.0 edition of LIVEmail, the company’s behavioral email marketing offering.

Here it’s main functionality:

Combined power of LIVE Profiles and Intelligent Offer – Coremetrics’ recommendation engine that allows organizations to automatically deliver highly relevant, targeted offers that have consistently proven to maximize returns. Based on larger, group trends, Intelligent Offer calculates the best possible product recommendation for any type of behavior, including browsing, shopping, conversion, and buying

Advanced segmentation capabilities – Through a broad set of new technologies leveraging Web services, Coremetrics allows clients to self-configure and provision LIVEmail 2.0 segments by a wide set of behaviors stored in their Coremetrics LIVE Profiles data warehouse. Clients can either customize these exports to their specific business needs or use pre-built segments that are configured ideally for specific LIVEmail 2.0 partners.

One-click integration with leading email service providers – Email marketers simply click a button and LIVEmail 2.0 exchanges the unique visitor behavioral data with their email service provider in a well-defined, fully integrated format.

I really like Coremetrics new developments compared to other companies. Coremetrics develops and improves core functionalities without loosing the focus on what webanalysts need. Other competitors came up with fancy new functionalities, that nobody really needs or that most web analysts

Every owner of an Onlineshop should definitely consider Coremetrics as a great product and not only focus on Omniture and Visual Sciences.

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