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The Top 14 Tools To Find A Great Domain

Posted by admin on September 28th, 2012 filed in Domains
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Owning a great domain has never been as important as of today. Having a similar name to another online business is just asking for trouble. Also all the search engines, the various browsers, the ISPs & even mobile companies have made it harder and harder to find a good domain.

Having a domain name offers a unique identify, but it can be difficult to figure out which ones are available for purchase. If you do not want to pay too much for your identify, then you will need to get creative and think of names that are unique and are available. Buying domains that are owned often means having to pay more. These 14 tools can get you started on finding a great domain:

1. DomainTools.com:
With a novice account, users can look up domains, whois, screenshot histories and check for typos in their chosen domain with limited use, but a professional account removes the cap and offers alerts for reverse IP, hosting history, name servers and registrants.

2. Domain Typer:
This website offers a very simple interface; all you need to do is visit the website and start typing the domain you’re interested in. In real time, it informs you whether the .com, .net and .org versions are available and offers alternatives and aesthetically appealing variations.

3. Name Spinning: Just as the name suggests, you can spin one or two English words together to create a relevant domain name to register. This is best for defining a brand through SEO, such as spinning “auto repair” into “autorepairkits.com.” The words must be recognizable English, however.

4. Archive.org:
This is a permanent archive of Internet history, and it serves as a good means of looking up what type of website once was housed by a particular domain. For example, it works best in your favor not to pick a domain that has an unscrupulous history to it.

5. Name Bio: Similar to the previous, Name Bio is designed to provide a history on a domain but focuses more on the sales that domain has undergone. This works well when you are interested in an owned domain and want to know some more about its value.

6. Google Hot Trends: If you do not have a particular website idea in mind but want to bank on the latest trends, Google Hot Trends is the best place to go to know what those subjects are. This provides insight on popular search terms that you can use to decide on a domain name.

7. Domain Groovy:
With this groovy tool, you can quickly insert a domain you are interested in checking and see whether it is available with up to four domain registrars. It will also suggest alternatives whether the one you suggest is available or not.

8. Acronym Finder:
For a twist on your domain, consider using an acronym instead. For example, CINO stands for Coastal Is Number One. A similar approach can make your domain and website easier to remember and identify by readers.

9. Bust a Name:
This website lets you bust out a name by entering a few keywords so it can generate an available domain. You can save suggestions for review as you generate more using different keywords as you wish, and then you can buy them all if desired.

10. Lean Domain Search:
Using Lean Domain Search, users can enter a single keyword they want in their domain and generate available suggestions that are related to that keyword. For example, “Boston” generates 869 available domains waiting to be purchased, such as “brainboston.com” and “bostonly.com.”

11. Premium Drops:
This is more for those looking to invest in a dropped domain and who need to do research on its worthiness. It will provide the Alexa rank and Google Pageranks for expired domains, as well as offering a host of different metrics that suggest whether the offered value is worth it or not.

12. Drop Day:
Another useful website for premium investors, Drop Day lets you know which expiring domains are a wise investment and why.

13. Sedo:
Sedo offers a marketplace that hosts various tools to help both buyers and sellers of domain names connect with one another, such as domain appraisals, domain parking, promotion, brokerage services and much more. As a testament to its success, Sedo has seen over six million domains transferred in its lifetime. Also competitor Moniker.com should be mentioned here

14. Domains Bot:

With Domains Bot, you can enter either a domain idea or a keyword related to the website you want to build, and it will automatically start building domains that are relevant to what you typed in. If available, you will have the option to buy the domains.

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