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Gazehawk Bringing Eyetracking To The Masses

Posted by admin on August 4th, 2010 filed in Eyetracking
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If there was ever a service that could be considered evolutionary in the area of web design, Gazehawk is it. This is an awesome service site in which users are paid to view sites while the software tracks their gaze.

It rivals the software of many other sites that offer statistics and charts that cover how many customers have visited a site and how long they stayed on each page. Many companies offer such statistics and one of the most well known names on the web, Google, has one of the most popular.

The unique and most engaging concept for Gazehawk is that the software does not just rely only on computer generated reports to verify results. It involves software and a web cam which results in a greater level of reliability. This gives a more accurate statistical measure.

This new wave of technology, which is referred to as eye tracking, is offered by Gazehawk at lower prices than bigger companies that market technology similar to Gazehawk. This allows them to compete in the market and offer the software to much smaller companies that may not be able to afford the big ticket website monitoring technology that is available.

In addition to lower prices the Gazehawk services and software build extensive relationship in website monitoring that other software and technology simply cannot not duplicate. Many of the competitors for Gazehawk, for example, cannot show the extensive detail of how users interact with your site. Gazehawk however uses the webcam to bring forth an entirely new experience to view how customers view your website. There are colorized charts and a variety of results that not only show you how users use your site but also how you can improve your site.

This software plays an important part in the design for many websites today. There is a great need for companies that are unsure of whether the web design that is in place is in need of improvement. And there is no true way to know this without bringing forth some form of web monitoring via eyetracking into place.

With costs as low as $50 per user Gazehawk is the perfect solution for a problem that has plagued so many companies and their websites.

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