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Google Analytics API

Posted by admin on January 19th, 2008 filed in Google Analytics
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Google Blogoscoped has a great post on how to work around the non-existing API of Google Analytics.

  1. “Obtain the tracking data in a usable format – We can schedule Google Analytics to email this as an XML file on a regular basis.
  2. Make the XML file accessible online – By emailing an attachment to Google Groups, the file is automatically given a public URL.
  3. Work out the URL of the most recent report – Since Google Groups provides RSS/Atom feeds for all messages, we can easily find the URL of the most recent message and therefore work out the URL of the XML report.
  4. Prepare the data for use – We need to manipulate the XML and massage it into a handy JSON format that we can use on our blog, which can all be done using Yahoo Pipes.
  5. Display the links on your site – With just a bit of client-side JavaScript, you can finally add a self-updating “Most Popular Posts” section to your blog.”

It’s not completely easy, but this might be a great option for someone, who wants

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