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Google Analytics New Feature Activation Live

Posted by admin on October 27th, 2008 filed in Google Analytics
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I already played with the new system a little bit….but just got confirmation that the Custom Reporting, Advanced Segmentation and Motion Charts are live:

We’re pleased to let you know that this login email has been activated for our new enterprise-class features including Custom Reporting, Advanced Segmentation, richer data visualizations, and an updated administrative and reporting interface. These new features combine enterprise level sophistication and versatility with the same friendliness you’re used to.

Custom reporting allows you to create your own reports with the metrics you want to compare—organized in the way that makes sense for your business. Watch the Custom Reporting video for more information.

Advanced Segmentation lets you isolate and analyze subsets of traffic. Select from predefined custom segments such as “Paid Traffic” and “Visits with Conversions,” or create your own with the drag-and-drop segment builder. Learn how.

Motion Charts provide advanced but easy-to-use multi-dimensional analysis. You can select different metrics to compare and then view how those metrics interact over time. By animating data, Motion Charts make discovering insights much easier and more obvious than when viewing data in traditional graphs and columns. Watch the video to see Motion Charts in action.

An updated interface includes changes to the administrative interface and a cleaner reporting screen that highlights tools for the way reports display data. A new navigation, administrators’ ability to rename accounts and profiles, and account and profile locator functionality are designed to help increase simplify account management.

For more details on the entire new feature set, see the Google Analytics blog or view all the video demonstrations.

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