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Google Analytics upgrades

Posted by admin on October 19th, 2007 filed in Google Analytics
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A little bit late, but better than never: Google Analytics updates their system.  Here the new features:

 I. Internal search

“Simply edit any of your Google Analytics profiles to enable “Site Search” and you can find out what people search for on your site and where these searches lead. Located in the Content section of your Google Analytics reporting interface, Site Search reports show you the keywords and search refinement keywords people use, the pages from which people begin and end their searches.”

II. Event tracking

“These new reports are designed to help you understand how people use and interact with Ajax, Flash and multimedia on your site without artificially increasing your pageview metrics. In order to provide a way for you to define and track a wide variety of applications and interactions, there will be a new tracking module called ga.js.”

III. Outbound Link Tracking feature

Google is testing this new feature over the next few weeks. It will be very interesting to see if users are able to track Google Adsense ( a long awaited feature).

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