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Google analytics vs. Yahoo Panama full analytics

Posted by admin on April 17th, 2007 filed in Google Analytics
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When I talked to one of the Yahoo guys at the Yahoo searchlight awards a few weeks ago, it seemed that they did not have any plans of buying a web analytics provider and they are entirely (!) satisfied with Panama “analytics” for their customers. I had a hard time to believe that, but it seems that the Yahoo product manager was honest:

“The way we deliver information to search engine marketers is different from Google,” Apodaca [Director of program management for Yahoo Search Marketing] said. “We aren’t reporting on natural searches. We only report on campaign-related activity. We have the ability to provide something similar to Google Analytics but our philosophy is to arm advertisers with appropriate campaign information.”

It’s also very interesting about Yahoo Panama’s full(!) analytics that it is only available to clients that spend more than $6000 per year. There is also a premium fee involved.

Read an entire comparison from Jennifer LeClaire here (via NewsFactor Network)

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