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Ipad 16 GB Review

Posted by admin on April 4th, 2010 filed in Ipad
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Oh boy….I am a PC, but somehow ended up with an IPad today and here is my review of the Ipad 16 GB version. Written on an Ipad:

I am not getting into the unboxing nonsense. It is pretty much like the Iphone. 2 small pages and 2 cables, which includes the charger. That’s it.

First installation is quite annoying since I need to have the latest Itunes version installed. Also my PC with Windows 7 showed me the classic bluescreen, once I plugged the 16 Gb Ipad in. First time I have seen the bluescreen for years.

Well..turned on the Ipad after it synched all my Itouch Apps. Fine…did not know that all apps work on the big iPod…ahem…iPad as well.

Ok…so far so good. First test with the keyboard. One thing I was always unhappy with. It actually works, but if I type with my 10 fat fingers it looks like this:
I am trying to write wih 10 fingers, but it is not that easy bc i have fat fin gets.

So a little downer..but not bad at all. I then went on Facebook an noticed that Flash is still not supported. Darn Apple….drive the 10 min to the Adobe office and get this fixed or I will switch to the next Pad producing company. I just want to stream Athde live soccer without hazzle and once in a while watch Youtube within FB.

Anyways I kept instaling and removing apps and watched a few TED videos,which was pure fun.

To summarize it:
The Ipad 16 GB is a great toy, but tough to use for work. Multi-tasking, no flash and the walled Apple garden are some issues that a lot of people don’t accept.
However, the iPad is a Kindle killer and just great to watch movies.
Overall I am sure it will sell like hotcakes. It is just too cheap for not being the No. 1 new Holiday gadget in 2010.

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