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Google Adwords professional

Posted by admin on March 4th, 2007 filed in Marketing, Webanalytics general
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Qualified professional I finally re-newed my Google Adwords professional certificate. Below a few tips and tricks how to pass the test.

In order to get the certificate it is necessary to answer 75% of the answers right. The test consist of 111 questions and takes about 90 minutes. I got 89.2% right, which is ok with me, but there are a few chapters that I failed. Especially when you work in webanalytics or online marketing you are not always aware of the following things:

1. Reports 75% 66.67% - I guess that I didn’t read anything about the reports. I usually pull the data in the webanalyics solution and not bother with the Google Adwords reports.

2. Advanced Conversion Tracking 75% 0% Fail - No sure why I did bad on that. I guess for the same reason as above.

3. Invoicing 75% 50% Fail - I don’t wonder about that. Before taking the test make sure to know all about Google adwords billing. The quesions were kind of a joke and I don’t feel bad failing this part.
4. Selling AdWords 75% 66.67% Fail - I guess that I am a bad salesman. Not too bad. I don’t plan to have a career in Adwords sales anyways.

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