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Mobile Advergaming= another way to make you buy “great” products

Posted by admin on November 24th, 2007 filed in Marketing, Mobile
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It’s tough to follow trends and the current speed of innovations in the advertising business. Every week a new adserver company gets bought (or funded), Facebook or some other social network launches a new way to target their user base,  a new location based advertising solution comes up or a new word like “mobile advergaming” is invented.

Burger King is one of the first to start developing Mobile games and working on their mobile advergaming efforts:

“The company has opted to create games rather than buy ads within games because it perceives more brand value can be generated by creating better user experiences, the alternative being that it fight for shared space alongside other brands. ”

My question regarding all these new ways of advertising is the following: When does the average human get tired of ads? When do we notice, that the viral video that we are watching is created by a company, that specializes on that? When do we understand that not only the Myspace profile but also the Facebook recommendation are fake? Is the “average human” smart enough to notice that they are just used to generate revenue or are we all so “naive”, that we keep buying the products, that have seen and heard of?

The answer is probably yes. Advertising works great and the perception of advertising for the average human is so large, that it pays off to target people in every way possible.

I am not really surprised, that I caught myself ordering a cool Dutch brewed Heineken instead of a real delicious, much better German beer :-)

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