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Proximic - The Adsense killer

Posted by admin on January 16th, 2008 filed in Marketing
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Proximic, a Munich startup, has signed a deal with Ebay’s Shopping.com and Yahoo’s Shopping network to serve contextual ads on their platforms. If you have never heard of Proximic, here the corporate info from their company homepage:

“The Proximic Platform is an open contextual ecosystem to connect publishers, bloggers and end-users by delivering related news, articles, background information and ads in a better way.”

What’s really great is that any(!) web publisher can post the Proximic widget on their site. I am also glad that finally somebody understood where Google’s weakest link is: It’s what a surprise Adsense.

At this point any company will have a very hard time to build a better search engine or a better Adwords tool. Google is an amazing brand and people adapted to Google search and tools.

Google Adsense however is a product that is still far from being perfect. The contextual ads are pretty much on target, but the cut, that Google keeps (about 30-50% commission), is something that is just too much in the several billion dollar online advertising industry.

A smart startup like Proximic could pay out 80-90% of the advertisers spent and still take a decent profit home.

An “open advertising market” is something publishers and advertisers are looking for. I am a relatively big search advertiser as well as an Adsense client and since I gave up seeing Microsoft or Yahoo coming up with an Adwords killer, I would be more than happy to have some real alternatives to Adsense.

I hope that Proximic is able to sign on a lot of publishers and advertisers.

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