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Admob Mobile Analytics beta

Posted by admin on June 17th, 2008 filed in mobile analytics
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Today I attended the Admob Mobile Analytics webinar. Admob Analytics is a mobile analytics solution and currently still in beta.

Here are some notes, that I took:

- The expected launch is within the next 6 weeks. Admob will be open to all mobile website owners for free(!) and I could not hear anything about charging their users (=following in the steps of Google Analytics).

- The deployment of mobile analytics software is not comparable with web based analytics solutions. Admob has to be installed server side, but their team is planning to add a 1×1 Pixel tracking some time later (problem is the accuracy which comes with that).

- Admob Tracking can be used also for full website(!).

- Admob Analytics is not only used to provide data to mobile webmasters, but it will be used to optimize the advertising that is spent with Admob’s PPC platform.

Main functionalities that are offered:

Dashboard overview: Tracks Pageviews, Visits, Pageviews per Visit and Average Time spent. (Change data range posssible. Also Top5 Content URls, Top 5 Events (e.g. login attempt) and Top 5 Keywords are available. Additionally Pageview by source (organic, Referrals, search, advertising).

Visitors : Visitors on daily bases, BPagevieww, PVs/Visit, Bounce Rate and Average Time Spent. Segmentation with different sources possible (Advertising: Admob/Adwords, Search traffic, Direct, Referral, …or just all)

Engagement: Length of Visit, Depth of Visit, Loyalty, Visit Interval(=Numbers of Days since last visit.

Geo Stats: Shows traffic by Region (visits/pageviews/PV/visit. Segmentation down to country possible

Operators: List of operators that send traffic. Segmentation also available.

Device Details: Manufacturer, Model, Browser, Operating system, Markup Language, Screen resolution. Starts are sortable with different tabs (e.g. Models that create most pageviews).

Sources: Overrview, Advertising, Referrals, Search Engines, Keywrors, Track Sources

Site Usage: Top Content, Page Titles, Entrance Pages, Exit pages

Events: Top 10 Events by Occurences (custom build events = goals). Setting up events can be done within the system. Up to 25 events possible. All there has to be done is add a little piece of code in the URL..

Overall I am really impressed with the capabilities of Admob Analytics. I am sure they still have to figure out the fine tuning, but it looks very promising so far.

I also think it is really smart to put the user’s interests before financial interests (the product is free for anybody!).

After viewing the webinar, I am sure that Admob, which already has a strong brand and a lot of coverage from the tech media, will be the top runner for becoming “the”Mobile Analytics solution. Competitors like Amethon, Bango or Mobilytics need to improve their game in order to compete with Admob Analytics. This can be done by distinguishing themselves e.g by offering better functionalities (e.g. API) and/ or placing themselves as a high-end solution in the market place (kind of like Omniture does it in order to compete with Google Analytics).

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