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Omniture SiteCatalyst version 14.1 Adds Mobile Analytics

Posted by admin on July 22nd, 2008 filed in mobile analytics
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Ok..the first big web analytics vendor noticed that up to 20-30% of the web traffic is generated by a mobile device: Omniture’s Sitecatalyst 14.1 will support Mobile Analytics.

Here the key features:

“- In a partnership with mobile Internet advocate group dotMobi and
its DeviceAtlas database, SiteCatalyst communicates with an extensive
library of device profiles to accurately identify the mobile device
accessing a Web page. This determines what video, audio, and text can
be displayed, thereby giving marketers insight into what customers are
using most frequently. Moreover, carrier identification gives marketers
the ability to partner with carriers to set up other campaigns.Through
the use of visitor identification technology such as cookies,
subscriber identification, or header information, SiteCatalyst can
identify a new visitor or a repeat visitor to deliver an experience
akin to the traditional Internet.

- The solution aims to capture the right data from a variety of devices to garner insight about thepage. Omniture’s server places on each Web page a very small file that occupies a single pixel, allowing marketers to track the activity of the mobile device: where the user is clicking, what content is beingdownloaded, what video is being watched, etc.

- A geolocation component that recognizes where the site is being accessed from,thereby enabling Web publishers to deliver advertisements applicable to that location.”

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