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Get Your Dot Mobi Right Now!

Posted by admin on August 5th, 2008 filed in Mobile
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Paul Walsh, the Irish Opportunist, posted on his blog about the strange rules of the Dot.Mobi Mobile Web Europe Awards.
He especially criticizes some of the submission criterias and I am kind of on his site when it comes to awards, that have a strange smell of being biased (even that I am a big fan of .mobi).

Anyways…I think one of the results of his posts are clear: Google, Microsoft, Nokia and pretty much all the carriers, which all have a lot of control what the mobile web user can and cannot see, back dotMobi not only financially but also with events like the Mobile Web Europe award.

One observation webmaster and domainer can make right away: Get a .mobi for your brand if you want to keep your mobile traffic in the future.

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