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Mobile Stats On Your Mobile

Posted by admin on May 10th, 2008 filed in Mobile
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Not sure how many mobile analytics articles I have posted on this blog, but it kind of gets bizarre to see so many mobile analytics vendors pop up all over the place. Do these vendors really believe that they will be the next Sitemeter or Google Analytics for the mobile web or is it just the technology that is kind of easy to develop which makes so many developers jump on that boat?

I am sure that Avinash, the evangelist of Google Analytics, and other high-profile analytics folks are following the trend and they are ready to launch products that will satisfy their clients needs before some new mobile analytics solution receives enough traction to become a serious competitor.

Anyways: Mobile Stats is the latest mobile analytics solution that I’ve heard about. It tracks all kinds of stuff and like Visistat it has the ability to display your stats on your mobile, so you can follow your mobile traffic anywhere and anytime.


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