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Mobile Web Analytics: Wapalizer Enters The Market

Posted by admin on February 8th, 2008 filed in Mobile
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I am pretty much in shock when I see more and more mobile web analytics vendors popping up. By coincidence, I just found Wapalizer, which is the 4th company that enters the mobile analytics market within the past 3 weeks.

I hope all these new very promising companies are lucky enough that Google, MSN or Sitemeter won’t enter this market in the near future.

Wapalizer’s ability to pull stats looks very promising and as a free solution it might be interesting to a lot of people.

The Mobile device analysis above, shows me about 50-100 devices as the result f0r one single day. It also shows that 13% of the visitors use unknown devices. Not sure if this is the standard (there are a few thousand different devices out there), but I think that it’s not accepatable to work with a number that could be up to 13% off. I hope Wapanalizer is working on that.

But enough typical German criticism: What’s great about Wapalizer it’s the resolution analysis. It’s pretty difficult to design for mobile devices and an accurate resolution statistic is of incredible value:

The same I have to say about the platform stats:

Overall a great product. Especially that they keep it free for everybody.

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