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Mobile Web Analytics

Posted by admin on December 10th, 2007 filed in Amethon, Mobile
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Web Analytics is pretty hot these days. But Mobile Web Analytics is even hotter. I have seen a few attempts by smaller and larger web analytics companies, but Amethon, an Australian company, just got it right. Not only device recognition, but also on-deck and off-deck analysis are something nobody was able to offer so far.

I am not sure how Amethon does it, but their ‘wireline capture’ technology allows mobile web traffic to be analyzed without the need to ‘tag’ each page or analyse web server logs.

Mobile Analytics

Here some of the features and packages:

Mobile Analytics - Operator Edition supports both on-deck and off-deck analysis of mobile internet browsing which provides wireless carriers with insight into the types of sites and content consumed by their subscribers.

Mobile Analytics - Hosting Edition allows mobile site hosting companies to offer partitioned mobile web analytics to each individual site owner via web reporting interface.

Mobile Analytics - Site Edition has been developed for large mobile content publishers who need to better understand how their customers

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