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Mobile Multivariate Testing

Posted by admin on May 27th, 2008 filed in Multivariate Testing
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Kim Ann King wrote a great post about Mobile Multivariate Testing and the problems that come with it.

Unlike the online world most mobile phones don’t support Javascript or allow cookies. So here are some tips when you shop for a webanalytics solution:

“1) A testing solution that does not rely upon JavaScript or cookies

2) No need to rely on IT or make site content changes

3) Ability to test static and dynamic content

4) Wizard-driven test campaign creation to easily launch complex multivariate tests.

5) Automated test scheduling

6) Unlimited content control and variations

7) Advanced segmentation and behavioral targeting

8) Deep interaction measurement to track user behavior

9) Real-time reporting and analysis

10) Web and mobile analytics integration”

Some solutions that are out there are: Mobilitics, Amethon, Bango Analytics (did I forget any?)

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