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Visual Website Optimizer - Multivariate Testing On The Fly

Posted by admin on May 27th, 2010 filed in Multivariate Testing
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If you have an online business or are in the process of developing one, you probably are aware that getting traffic to your site is not an easy task. The best approach to turn visitors into customers is testing multiple options.

Two popular tests for your website are A/B testing and multivariate testing. For those of you not familiar with these terms, A/B testing is simply the process used to test one element of your site at a time. These include headings, a unique URL, your call to action and even button sizes and colors. Multivariate testing is the process of choosing several elements of your site and then creating variations of them. You will then test the effectiveness of each variant to determine which will offer the best results.

This type of testing is a monumental task and most site owners don’t know where to begin. That is where Visual Website Optimizer comes in. They have developed an assortment of tools that anyone can use to help turn their site visitors into customers. These tools will help you:

Develop Versions of Your Website Visually: You can quickly create multiple versions of your buttons, headlines, forms, and images with a simple point and click process. You are able to preview these variations right away and there is no need to create separate pages for your test.

Editing HTML: The editor used is a very robust word processor; HTML knowledge is not needed. It is very simple to use and allows you to preview all the variations you create, immediately. This editor allows you to test different elements of your page like buttons, headlines, tables, forms and even images.

Spliting Traffic: Visual Website Optimizer allows you to split web traffic between unique URLs to determine which works best. The great part about this process is it allows you to test as many versions as you wish.

Setting up different conversion goals: You will be able to test the impact that your variations will have on the overall site. You can measure the number of visits to a particular page, the number of times a link is clicked, and even submissions of forms on your site.

Reporting: Visual Website Optimizer offers your results in real time reports and easy to understand charts. You receive performance charts daily, including the number of visitors and total conversions, and the impact that variations have on the overall conversion rate.

Segmenting customers: VWO will test customer types, keyword searches, whether they are returning or new, and even the referring URL. Segmentation will also allow you to modify your test based on the customer’s selections in their shopping cart.

Tagging: VWO avoids the need for tagging. It allows you to add a line of code once to perform any number of tests.

Analyzing: Google Analytics and Omniture Site Catalyst can be integrated quickly.

HTML testing: HTML as well as CSS based testing, JQuery based API and syntax highlighted HTML.


VWO is one of the best solutions to build a robust Multi-variation testing environment. It’s super easy to use, dirt cheap and still robust. Ideal for pretty much any small webmaster, who doesn’t have the resources to setup a high-end testing ground. .

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