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Stream Sense™ - new online video analytics

Posted by admin on April 23rd, 2007 filed in Nedstat
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Nedstat Logo Nedstat announces the release of Stream Sense™, a new online video analytics solution.

Stream Sense™ has been developed for publishers of online streaming content. Powerful, real-time analytics report on visitor behaviour during video or audio streams whether on demand, progressive download or live and regardless of where the streams are hosted. Detailed insight is provided about how visitors interact with online video advertisements. For instance, users can determine the ideal length of an advertising message and the most profitable place for a message within a program.

Stream Sense™ supports Windows Media Player and RealPlayer. Via an open API, any other player like Flash or custom video players can also be supported. The application is extremely easy to use and understand, using familiar terms like playlists, programs and episodes.

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