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Books for Boys - Thanks to the readers

Posted by admin on June 6th, 2008 filed in Offtopic
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I haven’t posted a “Thank you” yet, but now it’s about time: Thanks to all the readers that donated for my wife’s book project “Books for Boys“.

The money hasn’t been paid out yet, but soon the boys will have 25 copies of Walter Dean Myers’ “Handbook for Boys.”

The books are highly appreciated and it’s really important to offer some English lessons that aren’t boring. I myself will help to put a “Kicks” (sneakers) lesson together, which will hopefully be something that make kids interested and excited about school. I also will try to keep on feeding the kids with my homemade famous German pasta, so the journalism club is able to keep on  publishing their newspaper.

Anyways…thanks again! Never imagined in my life that this blog would be able to do something good.

On another note: The blog was upgraded over the last 24 hrs. Some broken functions are working again and some new functions have beeen added:

1. Archive - Yes finally there is an archive

2. Search function - You can see on the right hand site some  new search functionality. Use it before sending me emails!

3. Comments function - It was broken. Now it’s fixed and better than ever.

4. Next post - previous post function - I guess we killed this one last time so…usabilitywise the site finally works and you can browse it.

5. General upgrade - We now run the latest WordPress version and added some plugins that are not really visible, but run in the background

6. We removed some plugins that never worked, so no more crashes. I guess it was about time.

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