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Chinese English Online Translator

Posted by admin on October 19th, 2007 filed in Offtopic
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This is relatively offtopic, but since I am taking care of a massive Chinese portal, I needed to do some research about good Chinese English Online Translator tools. Here a few reviews:

I. Google Language Tools

Google has done an outstanding job with this tool. It barely crashes and it allows me to improve translation via a mouse over box. Google translator allows. What I also just figured out, that I can use to Google toolbar to translate Chinese into English, so no copy paste of the URL necessary.

II. World Lingo Translator

Worldlingo is a great tool, but it is not stable (at least not from Chinese into English). What also annoys me is the cookie dropping and the extremely annoying Casale Media Popups. I understand that they need to make money, but this is pretty lame. It would be great if they could offer some stable tool and upsell to their visitors instead of coming up with cheap untargeted smiley advertising.

III. Babelfish

Babelfish is a pretty good tool, but is extremely slow. Also many sites, that I tried to translate were re-formated in such a bad way, that the site wasn’t a real site anymore (messes with CSS). Positive is Babelfish’s ability to translate complicated sites.

IV. Free Translation

Free translation doesn’t allow URLs in the translation, so it is pretty annoying, but can help if Google’s language tool fails.

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