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Posted by admin on September 14th, 2008 filed in Offtopic
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I was really astonished to see that two German “entrepreneurs & clone experts”
are speaking at the Web 2.0 conference. One is Oliver Jung, the other Lukas Gadowski, founder of Spreadshirt, which is the number two T-shirt print shop next to Cafepress. Their session will show how Copycatism works in Europe.

So far so good and I am not really questioning a session like that, but it’s sad to see that out of all international speakers two Germans have to talk about Copycatism rather than about innovation. Where have all the German engineers gone?

Especially the Web 2.0 expo, which in my eyes is the most innovative tech conference out there, really deserves more (from Germany) than two guys who make their money by investing in cloned products.

I also just wondered what would happen if a Chinese car manufacturer & copycat, would speak at the Frankfurt auto show about his car cloning strategy. Is there really anything he could say, rather than “File an international trademark, roll out the patents and open outposts as fast as possible”? We’ll see.

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