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Domain hosting reviews

Posted by admin on May 24th, 2007 filed in Offtopic
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I own a bunch of domains and host them pretty much all over the world. Here my experiences over the last 10 years:

Godaddy has great customer support, but treats me like I am 2 years old. Not only do I get the weekly “discount” email, but also Godaddy employees start calling me on my phone.

Strato is a cheap hosting solution, but shouldn’t I expect to be able to change the DNS? It’s 2007 Strato!

Pipex / Registerfly / 123-reg are still a mystery to me. Registerfly’s CEO spend my money with escort services and plastic surgery… 123-reg must be a re-seller and Pipex….I don’t really know. At least the invoices from two of these companies are always on time.

Directnic is also one of my favorite services. The other day, they’ve sent me an invoice for a domain, that has been moved from them for a long time. Additionally I’ve got another invoice for OpenSRS transfer. Luckily I noticed the false invoices and complaint. The answer here:

“Your Opensrs_Transfer was returned as an error by our system, we have refunded your credit card USD $15 . Thanks for using our service.”

Should I really believe that?

Dreamhost had some downtime the other day, but overall it is the best no attitude hosting I’ve worked with. Just check out their landing page….how can you not work with them?


Where do you host?


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