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Donate $ 10 to charity with a 5 sec. comment!

Posted by admin on March 24th, 2007 filed in Offtopic
  • Sharebar is a great blog about Online Marketing and tips about traffic. I found it via Shoemoneys blog and I really enjoy the authors tips (especially his Digg headline tips are hilarious) and I am looking forward to read his free e-book (as soon as I am done with the Eissenbergs book).

Besides that, the main reason why I blog about is his post about charity:

“The point of this blog post is simple. For every person who leaves one or more comments below, I’ll donate $10 to either the Salvation Army or Roland McDonald house on your behalf. “

Posts like this are exactly why I love living working in the online industry. There have been already more than 100 donations, so click here and add another $10 to one of the charities above.

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