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Food tracking 2.0

Posted by admin on February 4th, 2007 filed in Offtopic
Domain Log Book You cannot get enough webanalytics and web tracking during work? Try the daily plate and track your eating habits.

The daily plate is a new service that let’s you keep track of what you eat. Web 2.0 freaks would probably call it “Calorie Counter 2.0″. The site is well designed and the functionality and accuracy seems pretty good compared to other services. The whole site is very flexible and users can add items and nutritional facts.
So far I only played with it a little bit, b/c I am not the type of person who is patient enough to enter nutritional facts of products, that are not listed yet. Still I recommend everybody, who is serious about dieting to use this service.

I would love to see this service to add more recipes (and products). It just would make lazy busy users like me more motivated to use the service.

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