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Go where you are strong

Posted by admin on November 25th, 2007 filed in Offtopic
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My smart wife started doing some intensive research for her teaching job and showed me the cool story of Paul Orfalea. Paul is one of the people, who have massive problems reading, b/c he suffers from dyslexia. Still he is the founder of Kinkos.

Here a few excerpts from Jill Lauren and Paul.

” For two years they thought I couldn’t read because I had bad muscles in my eyes. I went to an eye doctor to do eye exercises. Then I went to a speech teacher who thought I had a lazy tongue because I switched my R’s and W’s.”

“In college, I majored in business and “loopholes.” I knew who all the easy teachers were. Once, I had to take a literature class in which we had to read 13 books. That’s like a lifetime of reading for me! So, to get by, I read Cliff Notes and watched great plays on TV.”

“Trust what you see, rather than what you hear. And don’t take life so seriously-just enjoy it. “

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