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Hakia- search engine in “analysis” stage

Posted by admin on February 21st, 2007 filed in Offtopic
Hakia  Hakia is a new meaning-based search engine with brand new technology and went live just a few days ago.

Hakia differents itself from other search engines with advanced technology:

1. Query Detection and Extraction

  • QDEX analyzes each Web page much more intensely, dissecting it to its knowledge bits, then storing them as gateways to all possible queries one can ask.
  • The information density in the QDEX system is significantly higher than that of a typical index table, which is a basic requirement for undertaking full semantic analysis.
  • The QDEX data resides on a distributed network of fast servers using a mosaic-like structure.
  • QDEX has superior scalability properties because data segments are independent of each other.

2. Semantic Algorithm

  • Designed for the expressed purpose of higher relevancy.
    Sets the stage for search based on meaning of content rather than the mere presence or popularity of keywords.
    Deploys a layer of on-the-fly analysis with superb scalability properties.
    Takes into account the credibility of sources among equally meaningful results.
  • Evolves its capacity of understanding text from BETA operation onward.

I am really not a big fan of new search engines, b/c I  think 90% of new engines are a waste of time and investor money. As long as Google keeps on being very relevant I just cannot see a new search engine for the masses. Having said that, I still believe Hakia is a great product and there is probably a big market waiting for a meaning-based search engine. Personally I know that a product like Hakia would have been great help for me during my law studies.

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