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How To Live & Do Business In China

Posted by admin on November 2nd, 2007 filed in Offtopic

After and unfortunately not before my recent business trip to Beijing I got the book “How to live and do Business in China” in my hands. The title is a little cheezy , but for pseudo business travelers like me, a well written guide in order to get an idea about the basics on how to understand the behavior of Chinese business people.

The book is written by Ernie Tadla, who seemed to have his best time of his life while living in China. I can only imagine and I certainly would love to spend some time in this beautiful country! Here one out of many excerpts, that I liked:

“…I attended their [ American Chamber of Commerce] meetings for the three months I lived there. The members had difficulty believing the economic growth figures the Chinese government was posting. Actually, the Chinese government often understated the numbers because they understood that these would be challenging to other governments in the Western world.”

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