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How to use Windows Live and make it Yours

Posted by admin on April 23rd, 2008 filed in Offtopic
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Notes from the Angus Logan’s session “Using Windows live services and Integrate them in your platform utilizing the MS APIs.” from Web 2.0 conference San Francisco
Demos - Platform - Enhancing a site - Resources

MTV IBloks - Virtual Lower east side
Ving (Thomas Cook) - Maps
Cortefiel - Video everywhere

MTV - Building a live messanger tool right into a Facebook widget. IM capability possible.
Push content in datacenter. And MS is able to push the content (Silverlight Streaming)
Ving -  Send map as main navigation and send it to friends ( and putting social capabilities in it)

-Find and Locate: Wrapped APIS are based around virtual Earth.
Live Search
- Identity
Live ID
- Contacts User data (Contacts / Photos / App Storage)
- Notifications and Messaging (Messenger opened up)
-Infrastructure (Admin Center / Silverlight Streaming)

Demo of Backgroundmotion

Signle Sign On - 420 million Live IDs
Social Graph 0 SSO to Windows Live
IM capabilities (Javascript API, interact with messenger service)

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