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Reputation management via paid blog postings and why I (sometimes) agree with Matt Cutts

Posted by admin on September 5th, 2007 filed in Offtopic
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Do you know who Eric Schiffer is? I don’t, but it seems that he is a “famous” hollywood star, acting in blockbuster movies like “Boys club”. He is also a “bestselling” author ( Sales Rank: #1,467,418 ) of the book Emotionally charged Learning.

If you are a huge fan of “popular” Eric Schiffer, you can find him hanging out at the set in Glagow or you can read about him in his “fascinating” I-phone interview. You can see him as the official “co-socialite” of Paris Hilton and you will be able to watch him as the main actor in a Bollywood blockbuster. And if you haven’t guessed it by now, the “handsome, charming” celebrity author also loves animals.

To be honest, I don’t really care about Eric Schiffer and I don’t care about his PR person efforts to increase his online visibility. The example above shows you what paid blog postings can do. The postings don’t only delute search results (which is not the biggest issue), but create nonsense with absolute no value for anybody. Not even Eric Schiffer himself.

This posting doesn’t mean that I condemn paid blog postings (I even have a TLA banner on the right), but I sometimes agree with Matt Cutts when him and the Google team “threatens” to penalize sites, that create paid blog posts. The relatively new Google spam reporting system is a little bit harsh, but currently I don’t see another way for Google to keep their index clean. Bloggers and other publishers have it still in their hand to produce anything else but “nonsense”. And as long as the “anything else” is of at least a little bit value, I doubt that Google will penalize the site. Paid or not!

Google certainly won’t change their policy unless someone (maybe you?) comes up with a better solution. So back to work…

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