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September 11th 2001

Posted by admin on September 11th, 2007 filed in Offtopic


Usually I don’t write here much personal stuff, but this Sept. 11th video still gives me the chills and I remember exactly how shocked my family and I was when we saw the images live on TV.

That day my brother texted me a few messages to my cell about what he heard on radio. I did not really get it, but we all rushed back to my dad’s company. It must have been around 3.20pm in Germany, which is 9.20 am EST time when we all were sitting at my dad’s office starring at the TV watching CNN (or NTV- a German news channel).

About 30 min later, we left the company and it was about 4 pm in Germany and we all were at my parents house in front of the TV again. It was really strange, b/c Sept. 11th is also my Mom’s birthday and that was the reason why we took off owrk and came together. It just wasn’t real: My Mom baked in the kitchen and the rest of the family was just starring at the TV seeing the one of the towers fall. I remember my dad saying that right now, there are a few hundred people dieing. I guess the other family members including me did not get it. How can a few hundred people die while you Mom bakes cake in the kitchen?

I still don’t understand how this could have happened, but I am glad that New York has recovered (in only 6 years, which is incredible and people should be proud of it!) and gave me a home for almost 4 years. Let’s hope that horrible stuff like this never happens again! Not in NYC, Germany or elsewhere.

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