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Useless knowledge

Posted by admin on June 3rd, 2007 filed in Offtopic

Great read in the UK times today: “Thinking is so over” by John-Paul Flintoff.

Here a little excerpt:

“Today’s technology hooks all those monkeys up with all those typewriters,” argues Andrew Keen, who believes that “web 2.0” is killing our culture, assaulting our economy and destroying time-honoured codes of conduct….The Cult of the Amateur he argues that many of the ideas promoted by champions of web 2.0 are gravely flawed. Instead of creating masterpieces, the millions of exuberant monkeys are creating an endless digital forest of mediocrity: uninformed political commentary, unseemly home videos, embarrassingly amateurish music, unreadable poems, essays and novels. “Many bloggers flaunt their lack of training and formal qualifications as evidence of their calling, their passion,” says Keen. But they also lack connections and access to information.”

I agree with a lot of things that got mentioned in this article. I disagree with a lot as well. In my spare time I really read a lot of Tech related articles in blogs/newspapers/magazines/…, but there are only bunch of sources, that are worth reading. Unfortunately No linkbait BS-attitude is pretty rare. Especially in the “tech blogosphere.”

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