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User engagement and movies

Posted by admin on May 25th, 2007 filed in Offtopic
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My friend Marshall over at Webmetricsguru recently posted a good article about user engagement. As a an example he showed Verizons Action hero campaign, which let’s you upload your picture and be the star in a self-directed movie.


According to the Wall Street Journal Lucasfilm also plans to make clips of “Star Wars” available to fans on the Internet to mash up — meaning to remix however they want — at will:

“The clips — about 250 of them, from all six Star Wars movies — will land on the Web site tomorrow, part of this week’s 30th-anniversary celebrations of the release of his hit movie. Working with an easy-to-use editing program from Eyespot Corp. of San Diego, fans can cut, add to and retool the clips. Then they can post their creations to blogs or social-networking sites like MySpace. More clips will come out from time to time over coming months.”

Overall great ideas from Verizon and Lucasfilm. It will be interesting to read more about campaigns like this.

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