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Would you sell your domain for $40.000?

Posted by admin on January 27th, 2008 filed in Offtopic
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As written before, back in the day (1996/1997) I registered a bunch of generic domains, that are pretty valuable.

The last few weeks a company chased me down for one of the domains. The domain is a generic .de domain (Germany) and ranks in the top 3 in the SERPs in a very competitive niche.

Unfortunately for the last 24 months I could not motivate myself working on the project/domain. I was just too busy and had no interest in working in this field

Here are my pros and cons:

I. Pros

- $40k for a German .de domain is pretty good

- I have absolutely no time or interest to keep on working in this niche.

- The company, who is interested in buying, would definitely offer better content than I will ever be able to do (unless I hire a bunch of writers, who are educated in this niche).

- In the near future sold domains might not transfer any SEO value (-> domain value will go down).

- It’s recession and the BMW dealer down the road needs some business

II. Cons:

- I don’t really need the money, b/c I live pretty cheap and drive a 12 years old car

- The monthly income is nice, especially that I do absolutely nothing for it and will probably keep on coming in for years.

- The domain would go in the US ( english content and .com) for a 6 or low 7-digit amount.

- Probably biggest con: My beautiful wife saw the offer and loves to feed her low-interest savings account ;-)

Would you sell a domain for the sake of the web …or just because it makes financial sense?

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