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Omniture and Baidu taking on Google Analytics?

Posted by admin on March 16th, 2008 filed in Omniture
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Interesting headline this week: Omniture and Baidu formed a strategic alliance:

““This strategic partnership with Omniture will enable advertisers to increase the performance of their online campaigns,” said Haoyu Shen,’s vice president of business operations. “By integrating our search metrics with Omniture, we believe online marketers will not only be able to measure campaigns but also improve conversion by making the end-to-end search experience more relevant. Companies tapping the Chinese market should now be able to reach customers more easily.”

This is very interesting if you have a look what Baidu already has in place: A full-blown web analytics solution that looks like well….pretty much like Google Analytics

So what is this all about? Why this alliance with Baidu, which already runs their own web analytics solution?

Maybe it is a Google Analytics competitor, that prevents Google from taking on Omniture? Maybe it’s Omniture which runs out of “high-end” clients (they already signed everybody) and tries to position the company in the mass market?

Who knows. I certainly would love to see a “low-end” Omniture Analytics solution. I also believe it would be an incredible smart move by Omniture, which pretty much beat all but Google competition over the last 4-5 years and has nothing to fear besides the Google borg

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