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Omniture goes Japan

Posted by admin on February 25th, 2007 filed in Omniture
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Omniture Omniture is on it’s way to build a woldwidebusiness. After their acquisition of Instadia

they presented in Tokyo Friday afternoon.

Omniture officially launched Japan in April 2005 and accumulated already a list of more than 100

Japanese customers that include: All About, Asahi Newspaper,, Mazda, Monex, and Rakuten.

CEO Josh James opened the Omniture event in front of 250 people in Tokyo. Many attendees as well as my

friend Marc were excited to listen to Josh open the conference with a few words in Japanese. It clearly shows

that Omniture’s team is ahead of the game and understands international markets and culture. The new

office in Japan (and Europe) are necessary to serve the clients in the appropriate way.

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