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Omniture launches Discover 2.0

Posted by admin on February 15th, 2007 filed in Omniture
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Omniture Omniture launched Discover 2.0 with a 3 hour session in the Nasdaq building at Times Square

Thanks to my friend Marshall, the Webmetricsguru , I received an invitation to Omniture’s Discover 2.0 presentation in the Nasdaq building. Thanks to my wife and her snow drama this morning, I left my wallet with my I.D. at home and couldn’t get in. No event and no free food for me, so check out Marshall’s detailed report (now linked!)

Anyways….here are the unconfirmed new key features:
Real-Time Segmentation: Allows users to create and simultaneously compare multiple customer segments and key performance metrics to identify and optimize the most profitable customer segments

Multi-Dimensional Site Analysis: Provides visual analysis of site navigation by customer segments using color, size, movement, position and volume which help businesses to improve site design to drive an increase in desired customer actions such as: revenue, subscriptions, form completion, pages viewed, trips booked, etc.

Virtual Focus Group: Provides deep insight into the unique site experience of an individual customer within a selected segment to better understand their requirements and preferences in order to make changes in real-time site design, content and promotions to enhance the customer experience

Advanced Fallout Analysis: Allows users to dynamically build and analyze the effectiveness of online processes to more effectively improve customer conversion or understand content interest

Dynamic Path Flow: Helps interactively explore unique customer paths to optimize content placement and page navigation


Please check out Webmetricsguru for a comment from Marshall. I think this statement brings it to the point:

“But here’s the tack: It takes the right people working with these products to get the most out of them.”

Update 2:
Also Craig Danuloff added a great summary of D2 with lots of images

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