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Posted by admin on March 3rd, 2007 filed in Other webanalytic software
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Alexasurf Alexasurf - Another free Alexabooster, which doesn’t even require to download any software

I’ve written before about Alexabooster, which is free to use for a certain usage. Today

I found Alexasurf, which is free as well and never requires any payment. Alexasurf shows

again how users do everything to game the Alexa ranking.

I signed up with one of my sites and looked into the UI. It’s pretty well done and it is very easy to

use. No needs to downloaded any software. Only the Alexa toolbar and and internet connection is

necessary to boost the rank. Alexasurf members have an UI which allows them to to surf
surf automaticially. It reminded me of the Bubble 1.0 ad surf tools, that paid you money for redirecting you from

website to website, even when you don’t sit in front of your computer

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