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Metriserve and it’s cool desktop gadget

Posted by admin on March 21st, 2007 filed in Other webanalytic software
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Metriserve Metriserve - solid webanalytics with a cool Vista/Mac OsX gadget!

Metriserve is a pretty cool tool, cheap (starting at $9/month) and because of it’s “visitor approach”

it reminds me of Etracker, one of Europe’s leading webanalytics vendors. Reports are calculated

in real-time based on the latest web metrics collected from your visitors. All statistical information

is current up to the second.

What I especially like about this solution, is it’s Windows Vista and Mac OS X gadget /

widget Service. The gadget shows you how your web site(s) are doing today right on your desktop.

Metriserve widget

I would like to see this gadget as a browser plugin for Firefox and IE. How often

were you asked what the numbers are for today and you had to login into you

webanalytics solution, while a simple Visits number would have helped you out.

Well done Metriserve!

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