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Project Management Software For Streamlining Development

Posted by admin on January 19th, 2012 filed in Project Management
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When it comes to project management usually users have strong opinions.  Not only the big shops like SAP got a fair share of criticism, but also small companies such as Basecamp usually get tossed after a while since user adaption just goes to hell.

The project management field is one of the hardest things to pack into software sind needs are different and can be quite complex while users are used to very simple UIs.

A new approach apparently  was launched by  the company 6 Wunderkinder: Wunderkit, a software that tries to be Google Wave on steroids. A project management software that not only solves work projects, but also helps solve real life problems:

Using FB or Twitter to sign into Wunderkit is something that’s really awesome. It’s not only going to help people to use it, but also makes it usable across someone’s entire life. An approach a lot of enterprise solutions should take.

Tenrox enterprise software is another company, who is however more focused on enterprise project management software. Tenrox provides a set of tools to handle the workflow that comes with planning out a product and launching it. In the same breath, the software allows organizations to handle the eventual distribution of the product.

That being said, it can essentially be run anywhere. The workflow management suite is web-based, so that any computer with an Internet connection and a modern browser can interface with the software. While this certainly cuts down on installation time, it also means that the software can be extremely portable. Members of the development team could theoretically check the project from home, or perform work from a remote location. This is also a positive boon for those that contract out with other organizations. In a pinch, other computers could be used if machines assigned to a project end up going down.

That being said, the Tenrox solutions can do plenty for those that do all of their work in house as well. Many organizations act as though they are made up of many smaller groups that aren’t related to one another. The management software can help each of these teams work together. Risk and issue tracking keeps everyone updated on what problems might arise, but no one should think that project teams should always have to focus on the negative aspects of development. Project tracking software helps to keep everyone on task, and project dashboards clearly spell out everything that still needs to be done. With scheduling and skill availability resource software, capacity planning can even be accomplished without any tears.

Accountants will be pleased with the earned value tools. These can work to calculate how much work is actually being done, and how long a project will genuinely take. Anyone that finds that the teams are often going over budget will be amazed at how useful this sort of solution really is. Since it may also be used to estimate the project’s completion date, it might also serve those that have trouble budgeting time more than financial resources.

When it comes time for someone to take a vacation, the web based project time tracking software can take the pain out of travel. It can also be used to make notes of overtime and leave time. Whenever the time data is validated it is sent to a compatible payroll system that easily processes the payroll data.

Human capital management involves not only strategic capacity planning, but also a strict adherence to quality practices and government labor laws. The enterprise project management software offered by Tenrox combines the aspects of project and resource management. In addition, project accounting and resource management solutions are also included. This streamlines the process while making sure that the organization always sticks with quality standards, and does not violate any government legislation.

Naturally, collaboration between team members and the project heads are of paramount importance. With this sort of a system in place, problems can be brought out into the open before they explode. This means that a respectful discussion can begin before a project gets stuck in the mire. Tenrox enterprise project management software is the perfect package to get any development organized.

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