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Talking About Pagerank: What Do You Have To Do?

Posted by admin on July 26th, 2008 filed in Rant
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<rant2>It’s amazing that link beggars are still around in 2008. And if someone begs for links than they should at least do it with style and don’t bother certain blogs.

Here’s an email that I received today:

It’s Matt the owner of
I found your site,, in Google under
Google Adwords.

I will put your 468 X 60 ad in rotation on the footer
of my forum which includes 50,000 Google indexed pages,
,the index page and every single post(100,000+). My site is ranked
by Alexa at 39,000. I have over 70,000 marketers on the forum
and over 1000 new members join every week.I spend $3000. per month
with Google Adwords promoting it. It is PR 4 rankded [typo] by Google.

You WILL get traffic and sales. I have over 200k
subscribers in my newsletters.

I will also put your sales letter in my
autoresponder series which gets 200-300 subscribers
per day every day. You will get sales and
traffic forever with this.

What do you have to do?
Put my link on
the index page of your site. Our sites
appeal to a similar audience and I am already
ranked highly in Google’s natural listings for
the keywords Google Adwords. You can get my linking and banner
codes at:….”


I really love the bold parts.

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