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Posted by admin on September 8th, 2010 filed in Reedge
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Reedge is a young company offering website optimization services for transaction based sites, particularly targeting e-commerce sites.

The software they provide has been evolving for the last two years through a series of alpha and beta testers. Currently the final stages of testing are available for free to a limited number of new users before the full commercial roll-out of the software, giving a final few customers the opportunity to evaluate the service for free and receive a discount on the final commercial release.

Reedge’s software systematically modifies a website to respond to different classes of users and the most effective placing of individual items in the user interface. Reedge websites can then use the best placement and appearance of features for each visitor. The aim is to generate the most profitable purchases per visitor.

The suggested changes to a website are not generic site optimization techniques, but are the most effective layouts as tested with the site’s actual users. Each specific change is quantified as a percentage of total conversions and small individual increases can add up.

In the test example, optimization of the twelve most influential factors on a product website led to a 150% increase in conversions. The advantage to this technique is that sellers can change vary small factors (such as providing a seal of approval) each time. Since the total impact of the small change is often less than 10 percent, there is little loss at each stage of the testing, whereas complete website overhauls risks worsening all of the factors at once.

The Reedge products are designed for the vendors instead of programmers. The user interface requires minimal technical knowledge, and the complex statistics that power it are background machinery that the user does not need to worry about. The final upgrade before the intended commercial launch was the finalization of the graphic user interface to make the software accessible to all potential users.

The real power of Reedge is that it works with the site’s real customers. Users are segmented into useful buyer categories and individually targeted with the optimal combination of content and effects. This allows the site to provide more personalized service and generate more revenue. Ten different analyses can be performed to divide users among factors from behavior to location.

Overall with the system currently in free beta and future price price under $100/month it is a great system for small and medium-sized retailers.

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