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How To Drive International Traffic Without Speaking the Language

Posted by admin on November 29th, 2008 filed in SEO
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When I was looking for “Webanalyse” (Webanalytics in German) in the SERP’s of I found an interesting result:

Avinash’s WebAnalytics Blog translated in German:

Since I’ve met Avinash a few times and I kind of did not expect him to speak German I was quite surprised about  his site in the SERP’s.

First I was sure that he might have  installed Google Language Tools (since he works for Google and the translation wasn’t perfect). However it did not make sense since all the language URLs are extremely clean and pretty much optimized for the engines.

His site also has the extensions of  for French or for Spanish…and probably a few others. thought: It’s a wordpress plugin. And I believe..this is it:
Taragana Plugin Pro

The plugin is quite nice programmed since it creates clean URLs, caches pages and uses 4 translation engines. It also supports 32 languages and most importantly Google seems to like it.

So if you need more content or you are trying to engage with an international audience, this is a great way to drive traffic.

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