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Interview with Heiner Hemken

Posted by admin on June 29th, 2009 filed in SEO
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Thanks for stopping by and giving us an interview for the Webanalyticsbook readers.
For people, who don’t know him, Gretus runs, one of the top search engine optimization blogs in Germany. Heiner is currently also working on a secret SEO Tool, which he will roll out within a few months.

Webanalyticsbook: Since we already spoke a few times, let’s start the interesting stuff right away. Why another SEO Tool?

Gretus: In Germany there are only a few tools, which offer all the relevant information for webmasters. There are a bunch of great tools, but most are quite expensive. We want to offer simple tools, which can be used by everyone and most probably will be free.

Webanalyticsbook: What functionalities do you want to include in your tool?

Gretus: As already said, our tool will only deliver the basic information, e.g. keyword positions, number and quality of backlinks, PageRank, TrafficRank and so on.

Webanalyticsbook: How does this differ from tools such as Sistrix, Searchmetrics or SEOlytics, which are the three big one’s in Germany?

Gretus: You can´t compare our tool to them. The named tools are more or less huge instruments, specially made for companies and SEOs. If you´re a webmaster who only earns a few dollars with a site, you can´t affort a tool which costs hundreds of dollars a month.

Webanalyticsbook: The tool will be completely free?

Gretus: It will be completely free!

Webanalyticsbook: Do you plan to offer an API for more advanced clients or will you offer a closed system like the most vendors?

Gretus: First we will start out with a closed system, too. We are planning a kind of networking component, by which all the users can change the tool and build it out.

Webanalyticsbook: How much further do you want to develop the tool? Will it be a fully-equipped tool like Searchmetrics or rather stand in the middle?

Gretus: As you know from our project, everything is possible. If the users like our tool, we’ll build it out

Webanalyticsbook: Thanks for the interview! I’ll follow you on Twitter and good luck with your soon-to-be launched SEO tool.

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