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Controlling Buying Habits

Posted by admin on April 25th, 2011 filed in Social Media Analytics
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Experts studying the field of online purchasing behavior have witnessed a significant change in the way that users connect with online booking websites.

In the travel industry the changes from social media can be seen with the big ships such as Expedia and even SMB’s such as boutique hotels and niche travel sites. Everyone has to adapt their business model to the social media changes, that are happening right now.

Nothing really new (for the pro readers here), but what’s interesting is that the show (April 21st and 22nd 2011) summit focuses on examining consumers’ purchasing habits and predicting how buying habits will change in the future.

It’s very interesting to me that the show’s organizers understood that the developing changes in the travel industry are centered on communication styles.

The travel industry seems to be especially effected by the interaction of their users through Facebook, Google, FourSquare, GroupOn. Nowadays these social media channels are instrumental in influencing the masses to develop an interest in their business. These new tools also allow a new way to manage productivity such as employee downtimes.

The way conversions happen today is not the same as they used to. The new type of business climate will be run truly by the users and business owners can determine how to keep the company relevant and increase revenue despite what may occur behind the scenes of the business.

2011 is really a big year for many online businesses. You adapt to the newest trends and take every single client important. Otherwise you’ll fail rather sooner than later

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