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Radian 6 Review

Posted by admin on July 16th, 2012 filed in Social Media Analytics
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Radian 6 is social media monitoring software that allows companies and social media marketers to track and analyze their brand’s marketing efforts on popular social networks. Radian 6 provides the user with measurements and metrics of social media marketing campaigns. In addition, the software offers guidelines and best practices for utilizing social networks for business marketing campaigns.

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What is Radian 6?

Radian 6 aggregates data from conversations surrounding a brand. The software provides analyses in real time to enable marketers to adjust their message and target a particular audience within minutes. Radian 6 is a product of, the well-known cloud-based CRM platform.

The makers of Radian 6 note on the website that the software enables marketers to develop and effective social media strategy that allows the brand to engage with current customers as well as expose the brand to potential customers through making new connections.

Radian 6 is not just one software application. It is a suite of programs that work together to help the social media marketer understand the impact of their marketing efforts on social networks. Radian 6 includes:

* Insights

Insights allows the user to track new posts that relate to their brand, but it does not stop with mere tracking of new posts. Insights considers the author, sources and the actual content in the analysis.

* Engagement Console

The Radian 6 Engagement Console is the tool that tracks how the brand engages with users on social networks. The Engagement Console is equipped with a workflow module that enables users to route and assign posts to different teams or individuals. Macros may be created to automate workflow within the tool.

The Engagement Console tracks posts across several social networks including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, video sharing sites and more. Radian 6 also allows the assignment of an administrator, or SuperUser, that may enable the console for other users, and/or change permission levels for users. Users may collaborate across teams or departments using the Engagement Console.

The Engagement Console also provides users with the ability to see a snapshot of profile activity. Perform analyses at a glance with an easy to understand graph display that shows post volumes in real time.

* Summary Dashboard

The Summary Dashboard provides an easy to read summary of the health of your brand across social media networks. The Dashboard analyzes of post volumes, overall brand sentiment, influencers and demographics of those who are posting about your brand. The Dashboard allows users to perform similar analyses for their competitors, too.

The Summary Dashboard pulls data from other Radian 6 components, such as Insights, to provide a compact view of a brand’s social media performance. The Dashboard is a useful tool for determining the effectiveness of a campaign, as well as developing new strategies for brand exposure.

* The Salesforce Social Hub

The Salesforce Social Hub is an automation engine for the Social Enterprise component of Radian 6. The Social Hub features allows users of Radian 6 to track comments and posts in real time. The Salesforce Social Hub provides the user with extensive reporting functionality, historical data and data cleansing. Users may create communities and find brand advocates on the Social Hub, as well.

* Integration with Salesforce Apps

Radian 6 seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce applications, such as the Salesforce CRM platform and Jigsaw.

Radian 6 Training

The makers of Radian 6 provide many opportunities for training to best utilize the software. Demos and training materials are available on the website. The makers of Radian 6 will also provide private demonstrations of the software upon request. Ebooks, webinars and classes are also available for training users of Radian 6.

Radian 6 Mobile App

Radian 6 also provides a mobile app so users may access the Radian 6 platform and tools while on the road. Utilize any mobile device with an Internet browser to access components of Radian 6.

Radian 6 is an all-inclusive social media marketing platform that enables marketers to track and analyze the impact of their brand campaigns across popular social networks. In addition, because Radian 6 is sold as Software as a Service, the price is as scalable as the platform. Depending on the size of account you need Radian 6 can be as cheap as $600/month

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