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Trackset - Web Analytics Made in Italy

Posted by admin on December 30th, 2008 filed in Trackset
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Last night I was stunned when I suddenly saw  Trackset, a full-blown web analytics solution, popping up. Usually I know pretty much most of the advanced web analytics tools, but with Trackset, I wasn’t familiar at all.

Well..this has changed: Trackset looks as beautiful as the Italians and it seems to work like a Ferrari.
Probably because it’s engineered in Italy.

Trackset is built mostly for marketing purposes and big companies like San Pellegrino, Lavazza and Publicis use it for their marketing efforts.

The tool includes 4 major parts:
1. ConversionLab:
Optimize ROI by maximizing conversion for you advertising campaigns
Analyze the returns on your promotional campaigns
Study the efficiency of your communications compared
to the performance of your conversions
Indentify the strengths and weaknesses of your web pages
Study the visitor paths linked to their origin

2. VisualPath
Heatmap and Measurement of how far users scrolled

3. Admanager
Display Ad management and optimization.

4. Bidmanager
Keyword / PPC management.


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